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January 08, 2009



I was so happy to see your post this afternoon. It's also nice to know that I'm not the only one who hasn't been blogging much lately! What a sweet picture of Josh and Ivo- daddy reads bed time stories here too, although the winter books have been hard to get into lately...it's sunny and 65 here this afternoon!


nothing quite like the coziness of bedtime stories. Love!


Oh how I wish I were there snuggled up reading a bedtime story to my Ivo! The only problem would be that Ivo is easily able to talk Nana into becoming his own "Bad Nana" and reading a few extra stories!

Luckily, the only result of a "Bad Nana" visit is a few more moments of cuddles and giggles, and a delayed bedtime!

Give the Tomten a hug for me.....and tell Ivo that Finn McCool misses him a lot!

Love and Hugs~


Glad to see you back. I have missed having this little window into your life.

Michelle Z.

The Tomten is a favorite in our house, too. My son believes that a tomten lives in his playhouse in the woods behind our house. He's named him Fernworth, and I have to admit that I help DS's imagination along by sneaking out there at night to leave surprises "from" Fernworth.


What a lovely view into your world.
I've missed you!


Glad to see you back again. Emma LOVES her crown, thank you sooo much! I think that it will become part of her dress up collection since she loves wearing it and calls herself a queen!


Nice to see you back. And what a lovely vintage copy of the Tomten you have!


So sweet! Nothing like a warm bed and a wonderful dad to read you a book. Happy new year to your family.

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