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January 16, 2009



That's my boy!! Who needs supervision anyway??

Love and Hugs~



I love that there is not a drop of paint on his sweatshirt. What focused little boy!


Looks like he needs a bubble bath with a beach bucket.

Melissa A

Priceless! I'm so glad you ran for the camera :)


Ha! What creative genius!


LOL, Are you sure he's not related to my P?
Who needs supervision? He didn't even get any on his shirt! Priceless!


Oh my! What a cutie! That is so funny. ;)

Julie (Knitsational)

Oh no! I guess he made his point.


How can you not love that creativity? Thanks for sharing Ivo's antics with us!


This made me smile!


Ahhh! Kids have such big ideas! Really cute! Hope it wasn't too hard to wash off!:) Lovely blog!


This is a wonderful story! It sounds so familiar :) So happy to have found your blog...looks like you have some really fun ideas here!


That's funny! My mom use to say the same thing about my brother. He would walk into the room and say "I'm alright mom, you don't have to worry about me." She knew that he was up to something. :)

Love the name Rowdy Pea.

Samantha T-Magnuson (aka Sami)

Thats Ivo for you. Well when I was younger I used to do the same thing though. Well you have to admite it is adorable and its a bit funny. Miss you guys tons.


Once I took a shower and locked my toddler daughter in the bathroom with me. I got out to find her covered in my new red lipstick. Do you know how hard red lipstick is to remove off the body??


Very Cute!...:)


Saw your stuff over at Angry Chicken this morning. . . congrats. . .that's an awesome link for you!


he looks just like a little blue gnome!
and to shannon, yes, i do know (many times over) how hard it is to get red lipstick off an entire body! haha...

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