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January 11, 2009



What fun on a snowy, windy night--especially the giggles and the popcorn!
Love and Hugs~


I LOVED this game when I was a kid. One of my very favorites!


Ah..lovely vintage set.
We have an "80's" edition,
and although it is fun, it's not so pretty.

Sara Dobie

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Reminds me of playing memory at our house. All the pairs go into the box, no keeping track and if you flip up a card that's been seen before you just have to say "now where was that (fill-in-the-blank)" and someone will help you out.


What a fun game- I've never heard of that one. CJ is just now getting to the point where she thinks games are fun, so we're going to have to start a family game night too. And I LOVE popcorn!

Dayna - fo.ne.tic.lee speaking

oh boy my friend and I spent many many hours playing this game as teenagers...I wonder where I put those cards? hmmm. What a fun family night :)


We have the same game. It's been up on the high shelf for a long time. It was a leftover from my childhood. I'm motivated now to get it out when we get back home.

skip the chips

I loved playing this with my dad when I was a kid and am thrilled to see it again. I totally forgot about this! But I remember yelling "Coup Fore!" like it was yesterday.

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