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November 14, 2008



Have you ever looked at the Camp Creek Blog? She has a lot of great ideas about art and children, her focus is Reggio Emilia method of education which puts the arts and projects at it's focus. You


I hope you're going to post more about Ivo's art adventures. Do you always paint with him? I've gotten frustrated in the past about doing art with CJ because she seems far more interested in "playing" with the materials than creating with them. I just gave her crayons this morning- she violently scribbled for a bit, and then made railroad tracks out of them for her cars. Sorry to go off- your post was just so well-timed. Can't wait to see what suggestions you get!


I've been thinking lately that I need to change my little one's environment up a bit-just to enliven the imagination a bit.
I'm also in the process of researching ideas. I'll keep you posted as well as checking back here.


Your picture is lovely. Ivo is such a lucky boy. When you visit at Thanksgiving, he and I can do a pine cone wreath project. That should keep us busy for an hour or so!

Don't forget about the famous "macaroni wreath"! Just glue the pasta to a carboard wreath shape (cut by adult). Then paint it--(I like gold)! Add glitter, a little bow, and voila!...a lovely wreath to hang or a nice candle ring. These can also be used as Holiday picture "frames" for that special Christmas gift photo!

I hope you get lots of great crafting ideas--although I do believe you could write your own book with the ideas you already have!

Love and Hugs~



i clicked in to comment "ah, this is my kind of thing ;^)" and then saw stacey already said it! thanks, stace! ;^D


what a wonderful picture..xx


Prairiepoppins has complied a great list of crafts for gifting: http://handmadehomeschool.wordpress.com/handmade-gift-ideas/
Many of them are for older kids and grown-ups, but there are some that are good for little ones and some that could be easily adapted to the abilities of little ones.


Have you ever made gods-eyes together? They make simple gifts, and if you use reds, greens and whites they'd be lovely for Christmas.


gorgeous photo, I love all the colours here,
we are trying to bring nature into our home too!

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