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November 17, 2008



They are adorable! They look just like you & Aya down to the jacket colors!


Those are fabulous! And they remind me that I've been intending to order a couple of your dolls for an approaching 2nd birthday...

Off to Etsy with me!


You are so clever! Those are adorable! I've been making a lot of acorn people lately as well- trying to get some set aside as gifts, but my kids keep taking them for themselves. ;)


Those are adorable. I've tried making them and they just don't come out as nicely. I really like them with the sled.


I've been seeing these cuties over at Etsy. Love them!


What a trip down memory lane for Mom!

Those adorable little acorn girls are just like you and your sister--right down to the wooden sled--except that your sled was an old fashioned baby carriage style in bright red with big curled runners. Sure wish that had been mine to keep for you.

Oh well, the sled is on it's fifth generation and is somewhere in Northern California I believe. The memory brings me smiles anyway, since we had snow today as well!

Love and Hugs~



too sweet!


Those are so adorable! I love the wee scarves. I'm getting ready to attempt some mermaid acorn dolls for my daughter - wish me luck. :)

Kate in NJ

Those are adorable!
We had flurries here today, but nothing
came of it. Thursday is supposed to get colder and snow again.


I love your acorn dolls and have been lurking here quite a while admiring them. How DO you do the hair? Is it just glued on embroidery floss? I like their tidy appearance.

I'm making a hoard of acorn people for my kiddos for Christmas and have so far finished up 6 bodies, but still have a long way to go for the rest.


These are adorable, and they have gotten me started on making my Xmas ornament acorn dolls. I am curious about how long it takes to make one, and if the wrapping of the arms and legs gets neater and easier after awhile. I love these. Oh--and where did you get the wooden sled? Cute!

Catherine C. Schwartz

They are beautiful!! Because I have made a few, I know how hard it is to make these look as great as you have made them. Lovely work.


These are beautiful! The photos are great too.




hi- i am new to your blog and just read a post from oct. '07- about waldorf toys being 'expensive'. let me say that it was a sigh of relief to read it. as i'm looking for a few special gifts for my kid's this season i am relieved to be reminded that it is the simple and heartfelt that matters. thank you!

oh- and i of course love your little acorn people too!


Miss your blog! Thinking of coming back anytime soon?

shary barnes

I love your Snowy Day Friends. I have looked and looked on Etsy and can not find them to buy. Can you tell me how to find them? Also, I would love to try my hand at making them for my class of 4 year olds. Do you have any suggestion for instructions.Your ideas are giving wonderful inspiration. Thank you!!

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