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November 08, 2008



What glorious pictures.....and I know just what you mean about sleeping in a pile of leaves when bears (raccoons, foxes, porcupines, etc.) might be in the vicinity.

Glad you will have a chance to do the quilt shop without "help"!

Love and hugs,



We seem to have been sharing the same bad weather over the past few days. Plenty of wind and rain. I would have shared your concerns about sleeping in the leaves too, although it sounded like a lot of fun :-)


Oh, your leaves look glorious! I miss this time of year in our home state of Michigan. We do have a few nice autumn leaves to collect in Central California.


Three cheers for leaves tracked in the house.

Oh yes, and the pile that are drying and overflowing off my dining room chair.


Looks glorious!
I wouldn't sleep in the leaves either.;-)
I love your quilt scrap plan!


Our leaves are finally falling off the trees in great numbers, and they all have that "cornflake crunch" to them still. I love it! I share your reservations about you (and Ivo!) sleeping in the leaves, but I've never even slept in a tent, so you're one up on me. I hope the quilt shop was lots of fun!

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