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November 11, 2008



What a beautiful tribute to Great Grandpa Bub.....he shed tears yesterday when he received his beautiful package from you and Ivo. The "plaque" is now proudly on display. He would never toot his own horn, so we have to do it for him!

Thank you for remembering the monumental sacrifice he and others have made for us. Treasure your freedom......we owe so much to so many.

Love and Hugs~ and special hugs to all Veterans~


Kate in NJ

We called P's Uncle P, who is the last living Veteran in our family.I used to always have a long talk with my Grandpa (P's Poppa)on Veteran's Day..to say thank you and listen to his stories. Your plaque is wonderful!!


That is truly a wonderful plaque. I wish I'd have come up with something so creative to give to my dad!

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