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September 26, 2008



You found such fun treasures in the forest! Have a great day.


I love the picture of the mushrooms..:)


I'm a little jealous that you have such an awesome wood to hike in. So many treasures!


What a great walk in the woods...now is my favorite time of the year to hit the hiking trails!


What great photos! Soon you will have lots of Wisconsin Woods to roam and beautiful autumn color to photograph.

Can't wait to see you in your new home!

Love and Hugs~



You just ***came across*** that structure???? That's totally incredible! What a great story starter!

shelley caskey

these pictures are really awesome. i just LOVE the one of the mushrooms! and that structure is way cool...

natasha s

Oh I see someone in your house got a haircut too.Griff nagged me all summer to cut his hair,finally through many tears (my own) he had it shorn:0(
hope all is well,

Kate in NJ

Great pictures...lovely little mushrooms,
and that shelter? Way cool!!


beautiful little mushrooms! i love it when ordinary walks reveal the unexpected!


Best. Teepee. EVER! XXxx


Lovely little blog, will visit here more often.

You may enjoy mine

Take care



Those mushrooms are adorable! And wouldn't you love to know the story of the people who made the shelter? Cool.


BEAUTIFUL pics! I'm sad that the fall time of year is over in our neck of the woods. :(

Mama Randa Morning Glory

The picture of the bugs in the acorn is SO cool! Being in the forest is essential to rebalancing the soul-- at least for me anyway!


this is my favorite kind of walk. :^)

Knitsational (Julie)

That mushroom photo is gorgeous!

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