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August 21, 2008



Yum! Yesterday we had blueberry pancakes- my favorite. The blueberries were so sweet that we didn't even need syrup.


I could eat pancakes at least once a week. I've never tried them with whole wheat flour though, so now we have a reason to make some soon! Have you ever made your own syrup out of brown sugar? It's really yummy and SO easy!

shelley caskey

oh yum! they look delicious. :)


Your pancakes sound delicious...and look so inviting in the photo. I'm sort of a plain pancake person myself--just a little butter and some maple syrup and I'm all set.

All those other fancy toppings make it seem more like dessert--and, of course, dessert is supposed to be chocolate!!:)) (And chocolate on pancakes is not for me!)

Love, Hugs, and Sticky syrup kisses for Ivo~


Kate in NJ

Mmmm, we'll have to try that. P made pancakes for the first time last week..I was way too busy at the stove with her to photograph it.
We love them! I put the batter in a squeesy bottle and make her name..she loves that.


We make oatmeal pancakes every saturday. I'd love to try the whole wheat for a change. Thanks for sharing!


Hello 'Rowdy Ones' !
My how I've missed reading you! Xxx


Yum!! We like to put our pancakes in a circle with a glob of apple butter, apple sauce or yogurt in the center to dip. I love the idea someone posted about using a squirty bottle to make letters...very cool. I can't wait to try your recipe. Hugs to Ivo!


I can not believe you posted the exact same recipe that I just found 2 weeks ago!! lol We have had pancakes almost every day since. I've made 3 batches of this mix. It is THE best I've ever had. I like the banana and blueberrys mixed in too.


Savory pancakes

Cut out the sugar and top with cottage cheese, chopped herbs, mild onion, etc

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