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August 20, 2008



Fun! I'm going to do this with my son.


What a great idea! I wonder if Sunny & Mia would have fun with that?


The bare feet and glass jars are fine, just fine, when the ratio of little bare feet to Mama's eyes is close to even!

What fun! Maybe Ivo can use those jars to dye some cloth this fall with boiled roots and "leaf water". Do you remember doing that??....it was a throw-back to my Tie-Dye days.

Love and Hugs,


Kate in NJ

Looks like fun!
P wants to "tie and dye" (as she calls it)
some "stuff" this year. Not sure what she has in mind, but I am game. ;-)


Wow, what a brilliant idea. I'll have to keep that one in mind for next summer with my little ones.
I get so many great learning ideas from your blog. I feel like I should be paying you as I would pay for our homeschool curriculum!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful activities.


I'll have to try this idea with John Charles. He loves making music. Thanks for sharing the idea with your readers.


That looks like SO much fun- I know CJ would love it. I need to start collecting some glass jars!


My kids love mixing potions, but they like to use things like vinegar and baking soda or hand lotion and lemon juice for their "spa."



Your ideas are always unique and inspirational.


This is a great idea. My kids have been making lots of potions with soap, but I've shied away from colors because of the mess factor. But my 4 y.o. would LOVE all those colored jars. I'm wondering if trying it with washable tempera would work...cloudy, so not as pleasing but maybe?

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