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July 18, 2008


Gift of Green

I have a Suburu Outback station wagon and I love it!! (Also Suburu is u r a bus backwards) :)


I'm so glad you're back.....I have missed reading about your adventures!

See you soon~

Love, Hugs, and Can't-wait-to-see-you kisses for Ivo~



I love Subaru Outbacks! I'm glad nobody was seriously hurt though. Those documentaries sound like ones I would be interested in.


Thank goodness no one was injured. Must have been SO scary though.

And isn't it wonderful having that opportunity to just relax and enjoy the quiet? :-)

Mary Beth

Hi Amanda. I've missed you! So glad Josh is okay!! I know that must have been scary for him and all of you. Glad you got an awesome rest and relaxation break. And I will have to check out those documentaries.


Wow- how scary that Josh got in a wreck! Thank goodness he was OK, and that you got your long-awaited station wagon out of it! Glad to see you back to posting. :o)

Kate in NJ

Glad to have you back..I missed you too!
Sorry to hear about Josh's accident, glad he's
ok. Congrats on your Subaru..drive it in the best of health!


"Crumply craws" is something we know and love here as well-good words for it!

I'm sorry about the accident, oh my and happy your sweet is OK. I love my Sophie the Subaru very much long ago (with excellent gas mileage) when i had one child.

Those documentaries are something I should check out if I can locate them at my library maybe... right up my alley huh?!

Have some fun and bless~

Pecos Blue

Sounds like a nice break you got in the end. Nice store too. Glad I found it.

Pecos Blue

We love our Subbaru too!


Thank goodness Josh is OK! And how lovely to get such a nice break. I am an extrovert but since having children I really need the occasional break to be alone to recharge.

Great documentary links, I've added them to my Netflix list. Bob and I have agreed that this house we are in now is the last for us in suburbia, we will either be more urban/walkable or rural/self-sustaining in the future.

Kate in NJ

Hope all is well..missing you and updates on Ivo!

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