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June 12, 2008



That looks like a lot of fun putting together... :-) He looks totally absorbed in the process!


You're the BEST--a bottle of worms on the table and a dead June bug in your hands! Ivo is a very lucky boy to have you and Josh to help him discover the world and learn to care for it!

PS. We have LOTS of worms here, so you don't need to bring any for the Fourth. Also, I think Ivo will love seeing our fox--she comes to the window every day and looks in on us. On two special days, she brought her baby with her!

Love, Hugs, and Squiggly Wiggly Wormy Kisses for Ivo~



Ivo is a lucky little boy to have such fun parents that they let him keep worms on the kitchen table ;)


You are wonderful! I am heading to the neighbors right now for a pop bottle(we don't drink pop)...I have a "digging in the dirt" lesson for my Kindermusik class tomorrow and was thinking about a good display for the worms we are going to "hunt" this evening to show to my students. This is perfect.

Wormy hugs to you!



what a cool project!


What an excellent idea! My girls are constantly bringing in worms from the yard and I end up finding little bowls and pots of dirt with a couple worms all over the house. I feel bad because mostly they die and I don't want my kids to think it's okay to just kill things for fun, even worms. Maybe we'll try this project, too! Thanks for the idea, Ivo!

Kate in NJ

LOL, P wanted to do one this year,
and we just haven't got around to it yet.
Maybe this week.
Yours looks great!!


i am certain that a wormery would be a great hit with my son. Thanks for the idea...if i can get over the yuck factor. I know it would provide tons of entertainment and he might even learn something.


psst . . . does he watch Noggin?

What a cool project to try! We should really do that.


This is great-I love things like this!


Tag, you're it! Visit my blog for the questions. I hope you'll play along but no pressure. Have a great day!


Ella has been asking me for "worm kisses" this last week. I have no idea what that is all about but maybe a wormery will be a fun thing to try to do with her. Ivo always says the best things, what a great kid!


my boys love to catch worms and feed them to our chickens. if they knew there was an indoor alternative involving lots of dirt on mom's kitchen table though... the chickens would definitely have to fend on their own for a while.

you are a cool mom!


Hey, thnks so much for sharing this! Lo lOves worms but we don't see as many here like in the lower 48. She'll love this project!

Mary Beth

He is so sweet to want to help stranded sidewalk worms. Darling boy.

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