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June 19, 2008



Ohhhhhhh..a boy after Grandpa Carl's heart--cherries by the bowl full!

What expressive photos----Ivo definitely has a GREAT Mama to give him cherries and a nice blanket to sit on while he eats them!

Love, Hugs, and Hoping for a Good Traverse City Cherry Crop Kisses for Ivo~



I had to laugh when I saw these pictures since my husband came home with a bag full of really yummy cherries last night. I think I was just a purpley stained by the time I got done :P

Yay for cherries!!


I love these photos. Cherries are such a perfect summertime food.


I love these photos. Cherries are such a perfect summertime food.


devine photos... yummmmm!


Yes indeed!


Ivo is really growing up - he's such a cutie!


He looks as if he really enjoyed those cherries :-) Lovely photos too!

Mary Beth

Such a cutie, and what a fun summer pastime.


Those are beautiful photos Manda!


That made me think of "Life is like a box of chocolates" and then I got this craving for chocolate covered cherries. :) Ivo is growing up so fast. Come visit and we'll have some cherries...we are known for them even if they aren't native. Miss you!

Kate in NJ

Mmmm, that is our kind of day!
P would love to have Ivo visit and
share in a bowl or two of cherries.


Oh, I love those pictures. He really likes his cherries, doesn't he? I think my favorite is the one where you can't even see his face because he's gulping cherries- priceless. :o)

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