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June 09, 2008



I hope Ivo is feeling MUCH better today! How disappointing for him to miss the party, but even more so for the birthday girl!!

Oh well, it sounds like he is developing a real talent for finding the silver lining.....

My brain is cold, too....what a clever little saying! And, last, but not least, your gift bag is wonderful--Abebach will love that crown!!

Love, Hugs, and No-More-Sniffles Kisses for my Ivo~



aww, I hope he's feeling better soon :-)


You are so talented! I hope Ivo is feeling better. My little man woke up with the sniffles today as well, now, I just wait for the other two to get it. It is so hard as a mother to know that your little ones feel yucky.




Poor Ivo...I hope he's feeling better now. Those little gifts are so sweet. Thanks for describing how to make the gift bag- I love that idea.


What a great idea - and such sweet gifts. Hope he is feeling better.

Mary Beth

Those gifts are lovely and so is the bag! All good stuff. How disappointing for Ivo to have to miss the party, though. That mom was incredibly thoughtful with the "take home party." Love that.


What a lucky girl to receive such a lovely gift! P was very happy to see new items in your shop...we finally placed our order..
she is waiting in the window for Ivo to
show up in the driveway. Maybe in 1st grade we will need to cover geography a bit more.LOL
Hope he's feeling better now!

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