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June 30, 2008



Wow, you have been busy!!!


Nice job Mama!

We too are working on big orders. It's so wonderful all the work for the cottage businesses. It so good for my soul!


Wow! Looks wonderful!


P.S. I would be interested in your Etsy shop restock for crowns and acorn dolls...can't wait! Thanks!


As Mr. Rogers would say, "I'm so proud of you! You've really been working hard on this."

What a huge undertaking, and now, hopefully, you can relax and let Nana do all the work for a few days. The weather outlook is PERFECT.......at least that's what they are saying today. Of course, this is Northern Michigan, and that can all change in five minutes or less!

I'm sure you are wearing an invisible crown after all that work. GREAT job!!

Love, Hugs, and Sparkler and S'more Kisses for Ivo~



Wow! That looks like a lot of work! Those dolls are so cute. I look forward to seeing your shop update. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Kate in NJ

Wow! You have been busy!!
They all look so lovely...
we will be "needing" a crown
soon, so we await the re-stocking
of your shop!Have a wonderful 4th!


that is an impressive amount of work!


WOW WOW WOW - this is an amazing amount of work. You did such an amazing job - there are sure some lucky kiddos on the receiving end of that package! I used your rings as inspiration for a red white and blue one for my daughter to take to a music fest we are heading to for the 4th. Should be great to keep those of us near to here safe (no pointy edges flailing about).


WOW! Awesome. YOu have been quite busy!

Angel Funk

Congratulations on the big order! We love our acorn dolls around here and I have gotten much inspiration from your website.

Have a safe and fun trip!


Everything there looks like it turned out so beautifully! Your crafts are so wonderful.


hi mandy,
your dolls are awesome! nice work...you've come a long way since we were messing around with the glue gun, styrofoam balls, and hair clips in your basement so long ago!
i am also petoskey-bound for the big weekend! i still remember your phone number @ wendy & carl's so i will give you a ring!
see you in p-town,


wowza! work indeed...but you said you always wanted to be a dollmaker, right? dreams come true.
happy celebrating!


Wow-you must be so satisfied to see all the work you have done by looking at your table! I'm impressed and motivated to get to my craft space!


Wow! Look at them all! They are so sweet and what a lot of work... they will be adored at the waldorf school I'm sure of it!


Wow- that is an amazing amount of work you've done! How awesome that your shop is doing so well. I can't wait to see the new stuff! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!


I cannot seem to find you on Etsy right now and I want to purchase a couple of things. Can you email me and let me know how I can do that if there are specific items that I am after? The things you make are incredible (especially those cute little acorn dolls!!!) and I have been enjoying your blog for some time now. Keep up the great work!!!


Beautiful work!!!! Happy Fourth of July!!!!


Your dolls always impress me. I don't have the patience!

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