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June 24, 2008



That's a great idea...I can see why he loves the book so much.


Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! I bet Josh will treasure it for the rest of his life.


How fun!


I am sure that to Josh this was the most special gift ever. What a wonderful idea--and perhaps a new tradition for Ivo. He will always have a gift to give--words and pictures!

Can't wait to see you all!

Love, Hugs, and Best Seller Kisses to Ivo~


Oh how perfect! You are so full of clever ideas...I always get inspiration from your space. I am just now catching up here after a long break of reading blogs. Glad to be back!:)


That is such a wonderful gift... I love handmade gifts like this, they're so personal :-)


So adorable! One of Ashton's favorite things to do is dictate stories for me to write...I love it just as much as he does.

Great story, Ivo!

Happy Days!


Mary Beth

I love how you got the text. It's natural and poetic.


This is a great book- I'm sure it will be loved for a long time!


Great idea of showing Ivo the slide show to stir his ideas.


This is super sweet. I love the fish swimming under his seat.

Kate in NJ

That is awesome!
No wonder Josh loved it.

Gift of Green

Wonderful idea!!


What a totally gorgeous book! We have made a number of nice books over the years for various family members (though none as nice and polished-looking as yours!) and I've always been really excited about the finished product and glad to give it away and spread the happiness. Just recently, for the very first time ever, someone gave ME a book that they made with my children! It was then that I realized how TRULY NICE it is to be the recipient! Do you ever get to be on the receiving end of such creative projects?

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