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May 15, 2008


Mary Beth

How fun. I'll play. You should try the cherry lime jam I posted about awhile back if you like cherries (but you'd have to like lime too, of course). I love the "crazy delicious" reference--makes me smile so much.


Those ducks are so cute. What a fun meme. I was tagged for this one by someone else and plan on doing it soon myself. I'm a black coffee drinker also.


Fascinating! And cute picture, she has many!!

What exactly is unspectacular? Hmmm, that fact that i am writing this at 2:53 AM might qualify. I'll think on this. Thanks.


You've reminded me that I need to go check my neighbor's pond. I've seen a duck hanging about...


I'll bet Ivo loved those baby ducks. Mama Duck has eleven little ones--she obviously didn't read "Cheaper By The Dozen"! The picture is so cute!

Love, Hugs, and Quack-Quack-Quack Kisses for my Ivo~



LOL, I am so glad you played along.
I love learning more about you.
Your TLC food sounds yummy!
I don't like to watch movies with other people..to me it's a solitary endeavor.


Sounds like fun, thanks for the tag!
I need to do your sock thing...I always seem to have two white socks on that don't match. But hey, at least they are the same color!


Mmmm...black coffee! :o)

Glad I'm not the only one in a blog funk- love the picture of Mama Duck and her babies!


oh fun! i will play along as soon as i catch a moment to write.


I love your quirks!
I love that pic too...quacks are my favourites!Xxx

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