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May 20, 2008



What a great idea for a book for your child:-)


I think I found them both! What a cool idea for a book. CJ loves "I Spy" books too- I wonder what it about them that fascinates kids so much?


What a clever idea for a book...I bet he'll love it!


I had to look really hard for the 2nd one... cool idea :-)


What a lucky little man! You are an amazing mother and such an inspiration.

I am off to take some pictures outside and copy your idea. My Picasa album is not working, so I am so behind on my blogging.

Have a happy day!



Awesome idea!!
We've been photographing little fledgling birdies all day...they've been filling up our fig tree.


What a wonderful book you will have. Maybe you can do a "small time" publishing thing and make copies!

"I Spy" is always a favorite with Grandpa Carl, too, as in "I Spy" a piece of pie, cake, chocolate, etc. around the kitchen!

Love, Hugs, and I Spy My Little Guy Kisses for Ivo~



I think I found both animals, too. I love the idea of an "I Spy" book made by you. Homemade gifts from the heart are the best, aren't they?


my son also recently discovered the joy of the cattail. He was swinging it proudly ruling over all of us...telling us what to do. He loved the way it lost fluff every time he swished it through the air

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