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May 03, 2008



Those are cute! They have tiny napkins like this at my son's school, the kids seem to love them! It's nice to have your own, kid-sized stuff.


oh how sweet is he??


What a fun little idea--and how wonderful of Ivo to enjoy them "out loud"! We should all take a lesson from that, and remember to enjoy "out loud" the simple things that others do for us--so they know they are appreciated!

From the mouths of Babes come the truly important things......

Love, Hugs, and Little Red Napkin Kisses to Ivo~



The napkins and the little tea-set are so cute. I made some smaller size hankies for my son this year and he loved them. The napkins are a great idea.


Gorgeous napkins! And such a great idea. All our napkins are adult sized. I should see about some for the Kidlet.


Those are cute! Love the fabric.

I made separate cloth napkins for my boys too - they love them. They are a bit smaller and just right for little hands (and spills).


Such a cute idea! We're also cloth napkin user, but I only have the one set that I got from my bridal shower 5 years ago. They're getting kinda funky. They're a linen/cotton blend. What do you prefer to use? They're wonderfully absorbant but I was wondering what else is good. Thanks!


That's so sweet. Isn't it neat what Kids love - I'm so glad your little boy appreciated them. I want to make a whole set of funky ones to brighten up our meal times - I can see a dangerous fabric buying addiction starting. I can't sew really, but napkins I can do!

Mary Beth

These are wonderful, Amanda--such a cute size,a nd I love your fabrics!


You're absolutely right about the special little things making everyday life a bit nicer. The tea set is adorable- CJ would love that! And when are the napkins going to be the shop? ;o)


Just hopped over here from your etsy store -- lovely things! I might have to come back for the fairy rings/bells for my fairy-loving boy. Must also say those small napkins are super cute and such a great idea!


Those are adorable! P uses "cocktail" napkins
I found somewhere a long time ago and just never used. We have not used paper napkins
in 15 years, with the exception of P's b-day parties...too many people not enough napkins.lol

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