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May 09, 2008


Melissa A

Very nice! I'm working on a felt board for O. What kind of paper cutter do you have?


That is so adorable!


Very cute!


Did you make these shapes by drawing freehand or was that what the paper cutter did? It's so cute...what a great idea.


Cute! I love flannel boards!
Have a Happy Happy Mother's Day Amanda!


Tell my sweet Ivo that Nana can never wait for those "surprise endings" either!!

Love, Hugs, and Trip-Trop-Trip-Trop Kisses for Ivo~



What a great flannel board set- the detail on the goats is amazing! I love Ivo's abbreviated ending- he mist have heard the story more than a few times. :o)


Story Time Felts has the Billy Goats in felt!
http://www.funfelt.com/grandmasfavorites.html So cute!

Kate in NJ

I have made some sets for P, but they never look that good!
Maybe you need to add some sets to your shop?


Fantastic! We LOVE that story, too.

Ivo's version is RAD.


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