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May 06, 2008


Mary Beth

So cute. I've been wanting to make muslin bags for produce for awhile. Haven't gotten to it yet. My problem/concern is that when you put the vegetables away in the fridge, don't they stay fresher and crisper in a plastic bag? I find myself transfering the farmers market veggies to a large ziplock when I get home.


Those are so perfect. I've made the switch to cloth grocery bags but I always feel guilty about all those produce bags I use.


Ooooooo, they're good! Xxx

Jonah Lisa

OMG! Amanda, this is a good friend of mine! I love her stuff. She did the green gift basket on my green cleaning 101 post and I was just her first buyer for a "Meat Sack" which I'm posting about as soon as I get mine in the mail--reusable sack for your grocery meats. She doesn't have them up on Etsy (yet) but you'll love it. She also does diaper wallets and wetbags and tshirts on a site called Blue Turtle Baby--check it out.


That's great! Too bad she's sold out, I'll have to check back with her later.


Those are great!


Nice picture of a GREAT looking green product! Way to go!

Love, Hugs, and Help Save the Earth Kisses for Ivo~



ooohhh I want some.They are great,cute and best of all,good for the earth.I'll hop on over tonight.I made two sales today so I can actually afford one!!LOL
Take care


i bought a couple of those too! they are so cute, i loved using them at the farmers market last sunday.


oh what a great idea to use instead of the plastic bags for produce. i was just thinking of what i might use in place of plastic bags for bulk items like grain and beans and such. any ideas?


What a great produce bag!


Cool! I have been making some for us, but it might be nicer to get a bunch at once! I'm going to check out that link.

And brianna who commented - We use canning jars for storing grains and beans. They are affordable, you can find them at thrift stores or garage sales sometimes too, they are glass, and there are many sizes (the large can hold a LOT)!


I love those! I hope she gets more in stock soon!

Kate in NJ

Gorgeous! I am going to try to make some reusable totes for the grocery store.

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