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May 30, 2008



Oh I am so glad you're back. Your blog is the HIGHLIGHT of my workday! I've felt so lost without you. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend up north! Hugs to you all!


Sorry to hear that you felt so badly-I had the very same thing(bad cold w/allergies attached!)a couple of weeks ago!
I am glad that you're better and hope you have a great time at the lake!


Wow.....I am sorry you had a bad cold and I wasn't there to make you chicken soup!!!

Your work space looks like something out of Real Simple magazine--you have been very busy, I can tell!

Ivo must get his hair styling "techniques" from his Nana--my hair usually needs a great deal of spreading.

Have a wonderful trip to the Lake--hope the weather cooperates.

Love, Hugs, and Squiggly Salamander Kisses for my Ivo~



Ha ha ha! My hair is usually in need of "spreading". Come to think of it, most heads around here are.
Glad you are feeling better...Xxx


Have a great weekend!
Your workspace looks lovely and ready
for your next batch..lol.;-) (no pressure)


Feel better!

Amazing hail, wonderful hair spreading, nice work space and a friendly reminder that salamanders are sometmes quite poisonous.


Glad you are feeling better! You've inspired me to get on the ball with my workspace!!
I love salamanders!!! We had such a great time finding them at the stream when I was a kid!


i'm happy you are feeling better and that you get to enjoy a weekend with your loves. have a wonderful trip!


Your clean is so much cleaner than my clean! I "cleaned my workspace yesterday but there are still threads everywhere and piles of fabric. I've been a very bad blogger too, so seeing that you have as well makes me feel better. But I have updated!


Oh, can you please come and clean my workspace. I feel guilty looking at your picture while I am typing here surrounded by mess!!!

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