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April 13, 2008



Thanks for sharing the recipe! I think I will have to try it soon. I have a bread machine, too, and I love how easy it makes things like this. They look so yummy!


Thank you!


These look like they're worth every one of the calories ;)


Thanks for the receipe. I followed your lead the other Sunday and made cinnamon rolls for breakie for the family - although your suggestion of making them the day before and only baking the morning of sounds like a great idea!


Can you send me some?????

I love the look on my little Ivo's face--I'll bet Grandpa Carl will have the same look on his face when I try the recipe!!!

Thanks for brightening my day!

Love, Hugs, and Squeeze-your-eyes-all-the-way-shut kisses for Ivo~


Melissa A.

Sounds great and easy, too. Have you ever tried using whole wheat flour? I think I may try half all-purpose and half whole wheat when I make it. Thanks for the recipe!


Yum - thanks for the recipe. Have to try it!


I made cinnamon rolls yesterday to!


Can't wait to try this recipe!


Thank you for the recipe, I will be making some this weekend!! Yum Yum!


I'm going to print this out and make it the next time my family comes to visit- I can't wait!

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actually it really gets me in my attention, And it really got my interest and i wanna try this thing.

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Looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipes. Maybe I should try it at home too.

Slender Pops

Wow! Looks like it taste good. Actually, I don't really like the taste of cinnamon but this post tempt me to eat and try the recipe. Thanks for the post! Keep it up!


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