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April 09, 2008



So funny...I was just going to e-mail you about Amanda's book! I just saw it on Posie Gets Cozy and thought of you instantly! I was just going to make a quick stop by Rowdy Pea before e-mailing you about it. Serendippity, I tells ya....


I know--the little link is everywhere. Don't even need to click it to see. :)


Thanks for the stroll. I'm enjoying the links.


A creative and clever woman surrounds herself with creative and clever friends....you are obviously the poster child for that school of thought!

Seriously, thanks for the great links. "Strolling" through them gives me just one more reason to put off the Spring Cleaning---I "have" to read all of what my own daughter posted, don't I?

Love, Hugs, and Strolling through the Blogs Kisses to my Ivo~



I loved looking through these links. Thanks for sharing these- and I knew which book you were talking about- it's sitting right next to my bathtub ;)


Thanks for the link, Amanda! I'm so glad you're enjoying online book sites- they're a bit addictive, aren't they?! I'll be checking out the other links this afternoon- we could use some new inspiration for art projects, so I can't wait. And I knew what book you were talking about when you mentioned "creative family living"- I'll be interested to read what you think of it. :o)


Creative and crafty one and all!



Thanks for all the links. I love discovering beautiful new blogs.

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