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March 19, 2008



So sweet, I love the curtains. I fantasize about a smaller living space- seriously keeping up with my house (and paying to heat it this winter) is a much bigger job than I anticipated when we bought it last spring. How nice to have all the outdoor maintenance taken care of! I love to garden so I like doing all the pretty things but mowing, weed-eating, etc. - ugh.

Your nature table is wonderful. Mine is so structured still I am having trouble letting go and letting it be more organic. We got a little felted lamb today and took the evergreen boughs off so we are slowly moving into spring too. :-)


I love to see all of Ivo's sweet little touches to the nature table. Sometimes I miss my little apartment- it was nice to not have any yard work.


Small spaces really delight me. I think of it as "human scale."

I've got Spring cleaning to do here. Shampooing carpets, scrubbing walls down, washing windows outside, washing light fixtures...


Your blog was a recommendation through Google Reader, and I'm happy to say I am enjoying it very much!! Your dolls are beautiful!


i need to get moving on the cleanning too... you are great inspiration!


You guys have been busy! I love the fabric you chose for the curtain. Happy Spring!


I love the cute kissing bunnies. You, Josh and Ivo are such a wonderful family!

Kate in NJ

We have so much spring cleaning yet to do ..inside and out. We have a "nature bowl", not a table...and way too much "stuff" in our little house, I really want to pull down my winter curtains, but it is still too cold for the spring/summer ones to be up.
I was hoping to get my windows washed outside, but it is COLD here again.:-(
I love your bulletin board.


Nice fabric! I love re-arranging furniture...now scrubbing those little corners, not so much love... but it is spring, after all! :)

libby jane

I always get such wonderful ideas from you! thanks for all the sweetness!


You have made me really look forward to getting home to my small space and turning the corner to Spring! Ivo's shamrock plant is beautiful, and of course, the kissing bunnies are my favorite!

I am sad to say that an Easter card from us will not grace his bulletin board this year--I could not find any cards here that fit the bill. I did send another post card which may, or may not, arrive in time. But it's a juvenile drum fish, not a bunny!!

So, he will have to wait until we get home to get a Spring Surprise Package!

Thanks for all your inspiration. You were a joyful and wonderful child and I am thankful every day that you were given to me!!

Love, Hugs, and Peter Cottontail Kisses for Ivo~


PS~ Please read Ivo "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes" for me!


What a lovely tidy house! Xxx


kissing bunnies are very sweet, indeed! i love the idea of a kitchen bulletin board...I may just have to incorporate that into my own home!
happy spring to you and yours...

shelley caskey

we, too, have a 'not so big' home (1200 SF house) and i love the smaller space. it always feels cozy and warm. and easy to spring clean, which we are doing now, too! - shelley


I think we may have the same bulletin board. :o) I never thought of using the pretty paper in the background, though and I love it! And the kissing bunnies- how cute!

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