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March 13, 2008



We're in the middle of changing ours too! Our evergreen boughs have disappeared and the winter white crystals have been replaced with rose and green quartz and the green and white candles have been replaced with a yellow pillar in the center of our twig wreath and a sage green taper in the wood angel.

I'm hoping to find some daffodils soon to put in a vase. And we have some little wood flowers and bugs that she wants to paint. And hopefully we can create some sort of little place for the gnomes. Other than that I'm stumped. I will use your links to get some more ideas- thanks!


PS- You should do a post devoted to your favorite Etsy shops. I always find the best things via your links!


Oh, I'm flattered you linked to me! :)

Great links!


We moved our nature nook into the bedroom as the hall way was too dark.
I couldn't work out why I couldn't bring myself to put away the last few things still sitting there from winter & now I know!
Thank-you,I've had an epiphany!
I'll pop those extras away on equinox...Xxx
(Love Ivo's flower the best!Xxx)


oh, I will have to bookmark this post for some Spring inspiration (when we get there). I have been slowly working on our Autumn/Easter nature table, hopefully it will all come together on Sunday so I'll post some photos on my blog next week - I have just finished felting two little bunnies for it, but I don't think that the felted easter eggs that I made a while back will make it, the babes just love playing with them too much :)

I *love* Ivo's playdough flower - so beautiful.


Those little rabbits and Ivo's flower are so cute. http://renaissancemama.blogspot.com/2008/02/early-spring-nature-corner.html
Here's our early spring nature table. There are a couple of little people in there that you made! I also ordered a couple of eggs from Waldorf Mama but wanted a whole basket full :) I think we need some sweet little birds like the ones you linked to.


oh! thanks for all these wonderful links! spring is very vibrant over here. alive and blossoming everywhere!


oh! thanks for all these wonderful links! spring is very vibrant over here. alive and blossoming everywhere!


hey, there I am! thanks!

I love Denise's little flower people as well...I just may have to copy :)

Ivo's little flower is so so sweet

Jonah Lisa

What great items. Thanks for all those great links. That bluebird is gorgeous. I'm going to pick up a chick from one of those shops for Huck's easter basket. Maybe next year I'll teach myself to needle felt.

shelley caskey

amanda - thank you for the shout out about my felted easter eggs. i'm so happy one is coming to you and ivo, along with a window star. :) your transitioning spring nature table is lovely and i'll try get some pictures of mine soon to share, as well. :) - shelley (waldorfmama)


I love Ivo's flower on the nature table- I think he's as ready for spring as you are! Thanks for all the great links for some fresh ideas- I could really use some, too. I'm a little upset that you've shown me these great new Etsy shops though- they could be very, very dangerous. ;o)

Kate in NJ

I got lost in your links, and never left a comment here.;-)
Beautiful post as always, and Ivo's flower is terrific!


Yes, I am working on our nature table as well! It is slowly realizing itself in my thoughts. As the outdoors relects spring coming, so do my ideas. Thanks for sharing the links, I love these etsy crafters, too!

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hello thank you for all the links!
Any chance you can help me get invited to be a Little Nest reader?
I would love to see her photos...


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