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February 21, 2008



I love this idea. My son would have fun with this. He's been making a "stage" out of the piano bench with a blanket on top lately for finger puppets.


I cannot even tell you how much I love this post. What a fabulous idea! And that second link is amazing.


Brilliant! Of course.
Your posts about toys always get me excited & bring back childhood memories for me...Xxx


We have got to try and make one- CJ loves shadows. I can see that I've failed to use You Tube for its optimal entertainment value! I know CJ would love Ivo's favorite, and Josh's favorite one was unbelievable. And how can you not love a guy who comes up with something like "vampire ducky"?!


You get the award for actually doing, real play. Awesome, I want to come and sit and watch. I'm sure this is totally absorbing.



Great post! What fun to play old fashioned games in the new fashioned world! Ivo is a very lucky little boy to have you and Josh for parents!

Love, Hugs. and Guess What's In the Shadow Box kisses for Ivo!


Mary Beth

Oh what fun. I want to make one. I love the simplicity of it.

Melissa A.

What a fantastic, creative idea!!! I can't wait to try this with O. Thanks!


Very fun. My boys love making shadow puppets too - I think their favorite is the crow flying as it shrieks CAW!CAW! They just do theirs on the wall. It is a great idea to have a box/lamp.


Great idea and super fun project! We are all stuck in the house with colds, so this will be a easy, fun thing to do in the evening. :)

Kate in NJ

Lucky Ivo to have such a cool Mommy and Daddy!
;-) This is such a super idea.

Mom Unplugged

This is a wonderful idea. Looks like lots of fun!




Ivo is such a compassionate little boy. I watched the hippo film and he's right the hippo just wants to join in the fun.

Your insights on play always get me thinking, thank you.


Wowie, what a great, simple idea! The best ideas are always the simple ones right? Thanks for sharing your brilliance (again!) Amanda!


oh fun! thanks for the linkies...can't wait to play with my own little ones.


The shadow box is great! A wonderful parlour game. And I enjoyed the youtube too- got carried away watching them and almost missed an appointment! must be good...

shelley caskey

oh i just love it, amanda! can't wait to make our own. :)

Ram in the Thicket

That looks like fun! What a clever game ;o)


I love this idea! My sons will adore this once I get all the supplies to build. (right size box, freezer paper, and small lamp)

You rock and I love your blog!


Wow, what a great idea!!!


Muy bonito!!


What A fantastic Idea. One of my boys is petrified of the dark and I have been looking for ideas on how to make turning the light off more fun.


This is such a nice simple way to make a shadow theatre -- It usually seems so complicated! Thank you for sharing :)

Maggie Shu

Thanks for your sharing. My chinese daughter will love it!

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