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February 08, 2008



Gorgeous banners indeed! And a lovely deli too : ) The big wavy belly comment rings a bell for me! My three little ones tell me that my belly feels like play dough and why is Daddy's belly not squishy like yours Mama? Gee, and I was feeling pretty good about myself! I am glad we can laugh about this ; )


Oh, too funny! Big and wavy IS beautiful, Ivo has it right. And the banners are great!


He's too funny! The banners are great.


Hehehe, I often get told that I'm squishy, to which I usually reply "well, I'm sorry..." and get answered right back "no mama, I LIKE you squishy". Thank God for that, thank God. :P

Beautiful banners!!


I gave birth twice in February. My Beltane babies! *wink*

Awesome banners!


What a great kid to come up with a thought like that.


That is one seriously cute quote. Ivo is just the sweetest. Those banners are great too. Does your fancy cutter tool cut out letter shapes too? I might need me one of those!


Hi, I guess I'll introduce myself. Because I love those banners. I made a similar one last month for my twins' 2nd birthday. It looks like you used a Cricut. That's what I used. Love that little machine. Well, anyway, I just thought that I'd delurk myself and let you know that I've been loving the cute projects you post and the great stuff you have posted about Waldorf. I've been researching using Waldorf ideas to homeschool my three boys.


I love the Happy Birthday Banners--makes me feel like it is MY birthday, too! That Cricut must be one great machine. Can't wait to have a look at it!

Ivo's quote is so funny--if he thinks your little tummy is big and wavy, what in the world must he think about the rest of us??

Love, Hugs, and Big, Wavy, Beautiful Kisses for Ivo~


Kate in NJ

I had one of these in mind for Farmer Dad's B Day...but I couldn't get my hands on the ribbon I know I have somewhere to use for it, so P cut out letters I drew on construction paper and we "sewed" them together with needle
and thread.LOL Maybe I'll get brave enough to show them on my blog..but yours are much prettier!

Gruppie Girl

Ivo sounds like a serious sweetie!


Hah! I have a wavy belly too. :-) This Ivo comment makes me think of Ella. I asked her if she noticed that my belly was no longer big and fat because Gabriel had come out and she said, "It is still big and fat Mommy." Got to love two year old honesty!

I love the birthday banners. Where do you get these great ideas and the time to craft? I need to take a page out of your book and get busy.

Our busy birthday month is July - 5 birthdays! It gets overwhelming but the adults have started to just combine into one celebration so that just leaves Ella. It would be good to have 5 birthday cakes, though. Yum.


Hey! I just found your blog tonight! YAY! I am in love with those banners! They are so stinkin cute.

Mom Unplugged

Gorgeous banners! And funny kid-quote-I guess we just have to hope that nature intends children to like us all "big and wavy!" LOL!

As for February birthdays, well...mine is n February and when I was growing up every year my birthday party would be snowed out and have to be rescheduled. Not so fun to have a February birthday in a cold climate!

Catching Fireflies

Very cool banner! I wish I had made one as my daughter has a Feb. birthday.

I love the comment. Sounds like my belly. *wink*

Mary Beth

Those happy birthday banners are beautiful. Maybe a future tutorial?

I so wish our January birthdays (4 in our household) were moved to February. I'd love to have a little breather from the business and sugar between Christmas and the birthdays. Oh well!!


I love those banners!!! Great idea:-)


The banners are gorgeous- I love the font. There's something cool and retro about it that I like. And Ivo's quote? I loved it- you're doing a fabulous job raising him! :o)


i am so going to make us one of those banners! i love them!
and the love coming from your son...so, so, so innocently beautiful.


The banners look great. I always love your crafty creations. Ivo is a cutie. You never know what they'll say do you!


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