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February 04, 2008


Gruppie Girl

Oh the February Funk...I feel so lumpy.


So glad to see your new post! I am missing you all--especially my little guy! I can't wait for the bloggy giveaway, even though I always know that "contest entry is prohibited to employees and family members!"

Anyway, it's always fun to watch and see who really does win! Maybe you could even have a consolation prize for the runner-up!!! After all, it is the ferocious February Funk you are keeping at bay!

I'll stay tuned for more....and I LOVE those little gnomes!

Love, Hugs, and "Funtastic" February-Funk-Free-Kisses for my little guy~



So glad your back Amanda! My goodness, is it spring YET?!
Yay for the giveaway! :) And I *love* the fairy bell rings!

prairie daze

well, okay...i need to hop over to your shop. amazing!!!!


I just went and looked at your shop. You have some very fun things there right now. Good to see you back!


Fun crafties!

We just miss you is all.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Xxx


I love the jingle bell rings! Very creative! I want some now ;)


I'm glad you're back- I know all about those unbloggable weeks. I love the new stuff in the shop- can't wait for the giveaway!

Jonah Lisa

Okay, I plan on copying EVERYTHING on this post! Such great ideas!! You've inspired me to use some of the great vintage buttons on my next set of gnomes. I have some teeny tiny ones. And the blanket stitch really does dress them up a ton.

Now, the card stock. That's a great homemade toy idea. I happen to have a bunch of colorful card stock on hand but that stuff looks particularly thick and sturdy. Is it really just plain old card stock or something special?

And thanks a bunch for the tip on the sticky stuff for hanging my alphabet cards. It's on my list.

There are so many lists.


GREAT items! They are so much fun!!!!

Kate in NJ

All of your things are so beautiful!
Looking forward to your next entry!


oh, I'm so glad your back. I was starting to get a little worried about you. Your such a good momma! I'm glad to see that you've shaken the field trip incident off. I know things like that will happen to all of us in one form or another, through the course of our children's lives! It's all about how we handle it that makes the difference and you seem to have done an excellent job.
Ps. I'm so excited to see that all your new items sold so quickly! Congrats!

libby jane

nice photos of your work! everything looks beautiful. How did you attach the bells to those wooden rings?


Oh my, those fairy bell rings are just terrific- please don't mind if I copy them sometime! The cardstock is great too, how did you get the shapes?

Mom Unplugged

You are so amazingly talented Amanda! That Etsy shop must keep you very busy. At the rate your wares are selling, you must have time for nothing be restocking! Congratulations!

Jonah Lisa

I couldn't find your email to ask you this privately, so I'm leaving a comment on it instead.

I made a set a fairy rings for Huck's Easter basket and I want to blog about it (the whole basket, not just the rings). Of course, I'd give you full credit and direct people to your shop to buy them.

I just felt like I needed to ask about this one because, while I've seen others do the gnomes and other Waldorf toys you've done, I think this is a totally original idea of yours--I've never seen them anywhere but here--and my creation is less of an interpretation and more of a copy.

Anyway, I feel like this is on the line and will completely understand and respect your feelings if you'd rather I not.

Best, JL

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