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January 22, 2008



Oh you found some fabulous things! I love that lamp. My son has the same ABC cards on his wall.


sweet lamp!


I like the owl too, with his funny cross-eyed expression.

Five Flowers/ Emily

love the blocks! we have those eeboo cards too-- arent they the coolest?

Kate in NJ

Very cool! Sounds like you had a lovely day!


I love the old wood toy--"G" is for "gun"--what a look back to the days of Gene and Roy!

The pot holders are wonderful--reminds me of my Grandmother's kitchen where all the aprons, towels, dishcloths and pot holders were hand made and then mended time after time. The good old days, for sure!

Can't wait to visit again and read Ivo a story by his new lamplight!

Love, Hugs, and Get-it-for-a-song kisses for Ivo~



Ah! I LOVE this stuff. Especially the lamp and the wooden blocks. AWESOME.


How fun! I love when people share their "newly found" treasures! These are priceless.


That is the cutest lamp! Great finds!!!!


oooh, fantastic toy!!


You've convinced me to try some local antiques malls! I wouldn't have been able to resist the lamp, either...let alone the wooden toy. Great finds!

Jonah Lisa

Nice haul! I love lamps with a dish at the bottom. My great grandmother had one and it was always full of clip-on earrings. I had forgotten about it until I saw that lamp.

I have a totally random question: What have you used to get your alphabet cards to stick to the wall? We have the same ones and I cannot get them to stick! It's getting to where I'm considering the staple gun!


Oh Amanda,
What amazing finds. I found Abby a vintage Holly Hobbie doll at a (very strange) pawn shop recently. I seem to always find things when I least expect it.
That lamp is fabulous. I love the little bird. So sweet.


I had that lamp base (different shade) as a child, thinking it was my great grandmother's. Wish I had it now.


What amazing finds!


Just a note to thank you for commenting on June walking. And to say I still covet that lamp!

natasha s

That lamp is just adorable.What a find.

Kirsten aka knitsteel

Those are such great finds!


Nice lamp! And the toy too- lucky day!

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