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January 17, 2008



Oh no, I hope Ivo feels better soon!
How very sad about Scout,but what a wonderful way to keep her memory alive.


Hope Ivo feels better, there is something to be said for being able to focus all attention on the well-being of a child when they aren't a frenzy of energy. At least I find it a little recharging and reminding of love.


Wishing Ivo all the best for his quick recovery. That is pretty exciting about lady who knew your precious niece.


Many healthy wishes to Ivo! I love the couch-bed :) And I must say I am curious what your "cocktail" is!
Your family and sister must feel blessed to have a connection with someone who knew her sweet baby Scout.


Poor Ivo, I hope he feels better soon.


I hope Ivo starts feeling better soon! CJ has never been sick enough to lay on the couch, so both of you have my sympathies. I'm very curious about his cocktail! :o)

Isn't the internet amazing? How wonderful that the woman who knew your sister and Scout found you.


Sorry I am so late in reading your blog---Ivo has company in his illness because I took Great Grandpa Bub to the ER and he was admitted to the hospital. He may have pneumonia or some type of lung infection, but he is getting good care now and should be home in a day or two. They will do some tests tomorrow and give him a course of IV antibiotics. I know he is anxious to come home because he wants a "couch-bed", too!!!

Wow, that link from Carys's Mom for SF NICU was amazing. It just goes to show you the incredible power of the Internet and the written word!

I hope my little Ivo feels better soon, and that Great Grandpa Bub does, too. I'll keep you posted!

Love, Hugs, and Feel Better Soon Kisses to Ivo~



Oh, I don't know what to say. I popped in to let you know I've put you on my Links List, which now just seems so twee & I've come away so moved by Scout's story.
I hope Ivo feels better soon...Xxx


...Oh & Great Grandpa Bub too of course! Xxx

natasha s

I hope Ivo is starting to feel better today.
That is beautiful that your precious niece is remembered by those who were lucky enough to share in her life,the power of the internet.What a great thing for you to find.
I had a sister who lived her sweet short life in the nicu,I met many wonderful people,that was years and years ago but I still remember.


Iris is laying low with a fever today, too. Please share what's in your cocktail! I can't get her to drink anything.

Your post about Scout was so touching-- I don't know how I missed it when it was originally posted. My thoughts are with you and your sister's families.

Laura Townsend

Hope your little guy feels better soon. Can you please tell me who makes the blocks you bought for your little guy for Christmas? I am looking for the manufacturer name. I am opening a toy store in my area. Thank you. Love your blog

Kate in NJ

((hugs))We hope little Ivo and his
Great Grandpa Bub both feel better!
He looks so sweet in his "sick bed".

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