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January 21, 2008


Mary Beth

You are smart to get him involved in chores now while he wants to help out. We are trying to do this with our little ones coming up as well. I read somewhere (I think Parents magazine) that the best predictor of children becoming successful adults is if they help out in the family. That's a good motivator.

Mom Unplugged

I'm glad that Ivo had fun. What a wonderfully simple idea having fun with toothpicks and bananas. I love it!

(By the way, those little pizzas are making me hungry.


The simple things are best! Looks like fun.


The pizzas look delicious!

I've always found with Hermione that she is more inclined to try new fruits if she can skewer them on sticks. Children seem to really enjoy doing this. I'm pleased he had fun.


That was a wonderful idea. I think that I might have to try those pizzas to...yummy


Great ideas! I'm going to go and check out that unplugged sight. Your son will benefit so much from your willingness to let him do these things around the house- good work!


I love the simple ideas from Mom Unplugged! I need the encouragement, too! :)

I try to let my boys help out around the house,too, but sometimes I get too caught up in the time it takes for them to do things. Thanks for the gentle reminder to be patient and remember that I am teaching them life skills. (Plus, their future wife will be pleased that I did teach them!) :)

Great projects!


Send him to my house, right now!!! I need help with laundry, mopping, menu ideas AND cooking, etc. I pay well in Nana-hugs and kisses!

Seriously, your little Ivo is a real gem......I am the luckiest Nana in the whole world! Glad to see he is feeling better. Great Grandpa Bub is better, as well!

Love, Hugs, and I-Need-a-Helper Kisses for my Ivo~



Great ideas. I really like the pizza creation. I always need quick food!


Oh, it is lovely to see them so excited to help momma, especially the things that we find as grownups to be so mundane. Emma gets so enthusiastic about emptying the washing machine! Ah, simple pleasures! I'm glad to see Ivo well again.


I'm happy Ivo is feeling better.

natasha s

We will be trying those pizzas tonight,yum
I have to pass on the toothpick adventure though as I put one straight through my hand at the age of five and I am petrified my kids will do the same!!
thanks for your note BTW,
Hope Ivo is all better:0)


I wondered and wondered what do with toothpicks. I see now I was over thinking things (I have a tendency to do that). CJ would have loved just the bananas and toothpicks. Must remember- keep it simple! We're having something similar to Ivo's pizza tonight, so I'm going to have CJ make her own- I'll bet she loves it. You are so right about them helping with every day chores- CJ's current favorite is unloading the dishwasher. Glad Ivo's feeling better!


What a great idea, He looked like he was having a good time. I also do like the idea of them helping with the chores around the house, I try to do this with Lily, particularly her room.

Kate in NJ

I love that he helps out so much around the house.P likes to help too.
Those pizzas look yummy and I love the way you used toothpicks for the unplugged project!

Jessica  Gaulden

I'll file away the toothpick idea for future use. Ella isn't quite ready to be turned loose with a bunch of pointy toothpicks!

The pizzas look delicious. On very lazy days we use whole wheat English muffins, pizza sauce and mozzerella and bake them for 10 minutes in the oven. Ella loves them too!

libby jane

Yes! Pita pizzas are one of our very favorite meals! (can you get pitas from Holy Land deli up there? They make awesome crusts.)
Recently I've noticed our child-participation levels in all this good stuff going down. I don't know why, but he's not been wanting to help much. I think for a while it was novel, and then that wore off.
Well, your last post about cooking with Ivo inspired me, an I've been just taking him in hand in whatever I'm doing and being very concientious about including him, and giving him a real role. It's worked! He's back into it!
It even just happens that we've got pizza slated for lunch tomorrow! Yum, and thanks.


I like the pizza idea, with a pita. It's great. And it seems delicious. Thank you for sharing. 1kiss.

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