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January 10, 2008


Anamika Singh: The Sugarcrafter

Good, i dropped by your blog..nice layout and i can say blog + editorial = blogtorial...
Greetings to you from Botswana.


Nice mustache :) Those brownies look delicious. There are so many benefits to cooking together from the learning process to the end result.


Goodness, you've read my mind. One of my goals for this week is to make a cake (or brownies!) with CJ and now you've given my a recipe AND a script to follow! Perfect timing. :o)


You write so wonderfully! I hope you do in fact have many many more lovely baking experiences together!

Ram in the Thicket

Baking with children can be a lot of fun. Not to be done on a day when you're feeling particulary impatient though ;o)


Ivo looks so big in that picture, what a great helper!
I *love* your cup and saucer, very cool!!


Oh, I just love that picture of Ivo! Here's to many great baking days for the two of you. Cheers!

Kate in NJ

Ivo is looking very big and grown up!
*Sigh* It happens so fast.
I hope you have many more delicious days in the kitchen together!

libby jane

that's great! How old is he? My almost-three year old is getting fun to cook with, but breaking eggs and cleaning the table and floor is impressive!
Also, the one year old now wants to be part of everything, and our fun cooking together is more limited. so fun! enjoy it!


I love this! Ella and I bake together often, hasn't helped with pregnancy weight gain. :-) Our current favorite are blueberry cinnamon muffins. Those brownies look awfully good, though, maybe that will be our baking project for tomorrow afternoon.


Save some brownies for me!! I will be there tomorrow!

Those baking memories will last a lifetime for Ivo--I still remember doing cookies with my Nana for just about everyone in town!

Love, Hugs, and Delicious Baking Smells kisses for Ivo,



Oh that chocolate face! He is looking so big these days, glad to hear there comes a time where they are helpful in the kitchen! My little guy *wants* to be helpful...

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