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November 07, 2007



What a wonderful creative haven you have pictured--the "mess" is just fine when the finished products are so darned CUTE!

Can't wait 'til 11:00 AM CST!

Love, Hugs, and Crafting Materials Here There & Everywhere Kisses for Ivo~



I very much appreciate your 'keepin it real'. Folks generally only put their best foot forward and it can be a little discouraging to those watching. However, I would not call this a nightmare. You're neater and more organized than the average bear, don't be so hard on yourself!


beautiful dolls, i just found you and am anxiously awaiting the update! holiday gift ideas you know... lovely blog.

Kate in NJ

Lovely...can't wait for the "afters" lol
you are not very messy! ;-)


Yeah! thank goodness I'm not the only one with crazy piles! I think I have more control right now over my 2 year old toddler, than I do my sewing area! And that's saying something! OH and the new "kids" are great! I'm sure you will sell out of those very quickly.


I don't think you need an Extreme Makeover- just some uninterrupted time to do some organizing! And when such cuteness is a result, it's all worth it! :o)


Ahh, it doesn't look so bad!

Your little dolls are just so sweet, I can't get over it :)

P.S. I've been reading your blog for a while now and finally decided to comment...I love it!


Yea, that's pretty much what my space looks like too. Makes it kinda hard to get any work done, huh?! Love the stuff in your shop! Good work!


oh, so glad to have found your blog while wandering...and what wonderful kids to greet me on my visit. they are incredible.


p.s. as i gaze at your music, i can't help but see many familiar albums...or are they called that anymore?


I know what you mean about the "kids". I love every single tiny little baby that I make. Who knew that watching a little person appearing in your hands can be so rewarding?

You really picked the perfect acorn caps!


oh, they are cute! So very cute. And those craft area pictures look really familiar. I have a space that looks just like it.


Yeah, I'm right there with ya!

Sweet little bendies and acorn caps!


You may have me beat in terms of piles but not by much, besides the space must still be working for you if those creations keep coming.


We too have been crafting with acorn caps - they are so perfect for tiny creations. I love your little people. You should be very proud. Thanks for sharing your mess too - other people's messes make my day (because my messes do the opposite).

Mom Unplugged

Yeah it's a mess, but that is your craft area. For me that looks like my living room!

By the way, your new kids are adorable!


hi, i'm very very curios about "waldorf toys part two"! i see that you are really busy, i will stop again, i would like to read the part two, part one has inspired me for my boy.thanks. monica

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