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November 13, 2007



Thanks for sharing such great sites. This is my first year that I will be trying to celebrate Advent with my family and I'm so excited about all the wonderful ideas. I love that doll house also.


We are planning on celebrating Advent also, even though I don't think my son is quite old enough to understand. This will be my test-run year, since he's likely not to remember it ;)
That Kiddley site it really neat!


Thanks for the links. I love the idea of Advent, but being Jewish it's part of the season we don't do. Maybe we can use some of those ideas for Hanukkah since it last 8 days.


Since I have so down-sized my life and all my "stuff", I think I could fit right into that little dollhouse--it looks beautiful!

Thanks for sharing the fun sites.

Love, Hugs, and Squeeze-into-the-Doll-House-with-Nana kisses for Ivo~



I have been drooling over that dollhouse since I saw the website yesterday. Yes, thank goodness it's sold out because I can't afford it!

Love the blog, I just subscribed yesterday and am hoping you'll have some more little dolls for sale soon!


I didn't know Quiet Hour Toys until now. Oh my, I'm afraid we might have to buy the cupcakes. The doll house is divine. I read Grace's Advent post yesterday as well. It has me dreaming. Thanks for the links.


I like Grace's idea, and I just read
http://beautythatmoves.typepad.com post on being thankful, I am going to incorporate her thankful tree into our traditions.


What a great bunch of links. I'd never been to Quiet Hours Toys before, and I'm hooked. I don't blame you for loving that dollhouse! We've never celebrated Advent before, but you've got my wheels turning now- I'll have to try and come up with a no-sewing version. :o)

And on a completely different note, CJ was making letters out of graham sticks at snack this morning- it was almost as if she'd been reading your blog behind my back!


Wow! What a great company..I may need to show my Mum-in-law for ideas..lol.


I think I am in love with your life Amanda! Thanks for all these great ideas. I did order a wood advent ring with four beeswax candles and some wood animals for us to use for many years to come (I believe I mentioned before that I am NOT crafty, sort of a bad thing when you are trying to incorporate Waldorf into the family structure!). I found it at A Toy Garden, great website full of fair trade natural toys. I do love, love, love the branch and bow idea in that one link, though.

We have also been debating between a dollhouse and a play kitchen for Ella for Christmas. Then I thought maybe a set of playstands yet I do not want to pay the $ for them and I don't think my husband will have the time to make anything before Christmas (work is very busy for him right now). So now I think we may make a homemade teepee for her room so she has a little tent/hide out/reading and quiet nook. For sure she will not get more than three presents, sticking with the idea that Jesus only got three so that is more than enough. :-)

Thanks for a fantastic post, like usual!


I loved the kiddley advent stick also!


Thanks for the great sites. Some really good stuff there!


wow, inspiring.


Mary Beth

I love that Advent stick you linked to. I do think I've seen it before, having gone through Kidley with a fine toothed comb (I love it so) but it's more relevant now that the season is upon us. And I agree about the dollhouse. Love it. Want it. Glad it's sold out.


thanks for the wonderful links! i was hoping for this kind of post from you!


I loved your links and tips so much I linked this post on my blog! Thanks again!

Mom Unplugged

What a great post! If you don't mind, I will link to it for one of my Christmas Unplugged posts. Quiet Hours Toys is a wonderful store that I had not heard of before. How did you find it? Thanks for all the inspiration.

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