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November 26, 2007



I'm glad you had a nice holiday weekend. I wish we had a pastry chef in our family! And date night? What's that? ;o)


Ha! :) I can relate to you on not being able to stay out late on date night! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, sweet picture!

Mary Beth

Glad to see you back, Amanda. So nice your stepdad is part of your adult life. I hope we have that someday!! (With my daughter and my husband).


I'm just wishing I were back there with you all having I-V-O pie, playing dark-dark in the bed and trucks in the living room! We had a great time...miss you!

Love, Hugs, and Stop-Talking-to-Me-Kisses for Ivo~


Be glad you made it until 11 p.m.! Bob and I feel like complete wrecks if we aren't completely slouched and lounging by 10 p.m. I can't believe we used to start our nights out at 11 - I'm tired just thinking back to those early 20s party 'til you drop days. :-)

Love the pie. I am so pathetic at top crusts that I make a variation on apple pie and I shred the apple instead of slicing it. It still tastes good and I don't need the top crust! Someday I'll get better at all this crafty/homemaker type stuff. Effort has got to count for something, I hope.

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