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November 27, 2007



I too am thirty, welcome my friend! ;)
#3 is just plain FUNNY!
#5 Chocolate???
#6 *LOVE* Tasha Tudor!
#7 Yay for Bob Dylan!


haha! You got me chuckling away! I did try my hand at scrapbooking, but it took my free time away from sewing so I didn't get very far! I am also wondering how I have managed to miss out on Bob Dylan...? Any favourite songs I should look up?

Definetly going to remember the circus music, just the image of it now makes me smile!

Thanks for playing along!


oh yeah! thanks for the tag! i think your day in bed with meals sounds heavenly...you must make it happen!:)


Thanks for the tag!!! I have a quick typepad question. What program do you use for your banner? The one that I was using is no longer working and I'm still trying to figure out typepad help area. Thanks!


I love these memes because you get to find out such interesting things about people! I'm dreaming of your #4, so be sure and let me know if you actually pull that one off! I love the idea of your secret candy stash- I have a weakness for anything chocolate-mint flavored. I love Richard Scarry (Lowly Worm is my favorite and Tasha Tudor too! And chipmunks- how could they possibly be cuter?!

Here's the link to when I did the meme shortly after I started the blog-




Kate NJ

Only 30? I feel depressingly old today!!
Love your list!

Mom Unplugged

Thanks for the tag Amanda! I did this one back in June


and it was so hard to come up with 8 things then, I am not sure I could think of 8 different things now!

Speaking of 8, I do have 8 cats. There, that's something new!

Happy Upcoming Birthday! You're making me feel old too. I want to try your #4. Let us know how that feels! I also think I should try #3, except that now that you mention it, I will have circus music stuck in my head all day.

Thanks again and enjoy your day!

Mom Unplugged


Uh oh, the link in my comment didn't work. Hopefully this one will in case anyone wants to visit.


Mom Unplugged, I'm happy to know that someone has more cats than I. I have 5.

Mary Beth

Hi Amanda. Thanks for tagging me. I posted my 8 things this morning.


hi there, i'm loving your blog!

i'm a big bob dylan fan too, and i also saw bela fleck on your music list...mmmmmm...bela fleck! i've seen them live twice and they are just amazing.


okay, i'm getting on it...

and i have played a little circus music in my head after reading this...wow, that made me chuckle.

oh, cool things are you.

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