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November 29, 2007



Okay, I'm seriously craft illiterate. Can you explain exactly how you made those clothes pins? I would like to make something like that to hang my daughter's artwork from a clothesline.

Also, that drawing is beautiful! I ran across that etsy shop last week when I followed a link through another blogger. How interesting!


Mama M, I just emailed you :)

Ram in the Thicket

Those are very cool ;o)


You are so right---Josh's present does look just like Ivo. I miss you all so much--I want to snap my fingers and get right back there!

Love, Hugs, and Muddy Morning Kisses for Ivo~



Hey, finally a craft project that I think I can do! Great idea, thanks for sharing.



agggh-those are way too cute. i doubt i'll have time to make them as gifts so i might just have to make some for myself after the holidays :) that etsy shop is just darling! i especially love the boy and girl riding the wooly, they look like my little ones.


Amanda, Thank you for the simple yet beautiful idea! I love making chores a bit more cheerful! Sweeping is so much more fun with my pink floral broom!


oh, i love those pegs too. i've always enjoyed hanging out the washing, so why not make it even more special?

belle and boo is one of my favourite etsy shops- and i think you chose one of the best prints of all.

Ram in the Thicket

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I'm telling you, you and I are on the same page!!! I have 2 books of scrapbook paper that are eye candy for me, but I don't scrap booking. Last year I made paper lanterns with them and hung them up as Christmas decorations! I absoultely love your idea of the paperclips! May I borrow your idea? lol! Also, I bought my good friend's daughter the bella and boo (Bella holding boo) print for Christmas! My, what good taste you have!

Kate NJ

Oh how lovely..I wish I were crafty.
Will you share how you did them?
I do have some Podge..sitting waiting
for another project...I even have clothespins
waiting for a line to be strung in our schoolroom for P's art and maps.


Oh, I just thought of something else you could do.. a set of like 3 little beanbags. Kids LOVE beanbags! I think I'll make a bunch for the neighbourhood kids if I have time.


These are so pretty! I love the idea that chores can be beautiful.

And Josh's present- it's remarkable how much the little boy looks like Ivo. He'll love it!

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