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October 10, 2007



Adorable pictures! I love his hat and scarf- did you make them?

Mom Unplugged

What lovely photos! Ivo's hat is so cute! It looks like he enjoyed himself at the farm.


What a beautiful grandson I have! Lucky,lucky me!!

Love, hugs, and Wordless Wednesday Kisses to my Ivo~


Mary Beth

He's adorable. I love the outfit.


Great Scarf!! He looks like he had so much fun!


uuummmmm....i absolutley LOVE that scarf. did you make that goodness??


How cute is that little hat and his expectant face!!


That cute scarf was made by my mom, who you may know from her many, many motherly blog comments :o) When I put it on Ivo, I wrap it twice and say, "One hug from Nana, Two hugs from Nana, and a kiss!" and that is how I get him to wear a scarf. Took me a whole cold Minnesota winter to come up with that trick.
The hat is from a fair-trade market I went to in Denver called Seeds of Exchage.
What a fun day that was. Thanks for taking a look :)


The picture of Ivo in the sea of children is SO artistic. How do you catch such wonderful moments in time?? Did we find yet another talent of Miss Amanda?

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