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October 22, 2007


Mary Beth

Wow, he has good taste. Love that cute camper! What a thrift store find that would be!!


Maybe Ivo should have sent the camper link to Nana and Grandpa!! I'm thinking Santa and Christmas, but we can talk on that!

I am glad you are getting a chance to test drive Janome--she looks like a real winner on the company website!

Hope Ivo is feeling better, and that your "day out" is perfect!

Love, Hugs, and Little Wood Camper Kisses for Ivo~



We had fun with the project too. Your day out sounds like lots of fun- I hope you found some good stuff at the thrift store!

Mom Unplugged

I love Ivo's painting. His colors look right out of nature too!

I am so happy that your family had fun with this project. I am really glad you joined in, and I hope to see you next Monday too!

Have fun on your thrift shop expedition today. I love thrift shops too, but I mostly look for books. I hope Ivo finds his camper, that would be an amazing thrift store if he does...worth a trip from Arizona to Minnesota I think!

Enjoy your day, and your "new baby."


Sounds like a lovely day together.
I wish we had a nice thrift store here.


Thanks a lot...now I want the camper. :) How perfect would that be for my girls to tote around a wooden camper in our real camper?? You find the best stuff.

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