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October 23, 2007



What a GREAT Mom you are!! Ivo is the luckiest little guy. The projects sound wonderful.

I would like to "purchase" two pieces of Ivo's artwork for a very special project of my own.

Maybe we will paint them when I am visiting!


What a lovely note for his speech teacher!
I'm sure she will treasure it.
Terrific tags too! You are so creative.


Great idea to turn the watercolor paintings into business cards! They look beautiful, as does your etsy banner! And that note is so very very CUTE!!! By the way, I bought Seasons of Joy, there is alot of good stuff there!


What beautiful tags for your goods! Kudos to you for thinking of such a clever way to use all the watercolored artwork.

I am really looking forward to a year or so from now when Ella is more capable of crafts. We still have a good time doing something crafty daily but it is generally more mess than art at this point! :-)


Look at those scissor skills! Our first foray into watercoloring didn't go well, but you've inspired me to give it another go. What a great idea to use some of the paintings as business cards- it suits your shop perfectly! And that note to his teacher...she'll keep that forever.


Beautiful paintings. Did anyone tell you about keeping the Stockmar pigments in the fridge? They'll get a funny smell after a while if you don't and will last forever if you do. I have loads of arcane knowledge to share about such things after my year as a Waldorf kindergarten assistant. You two do beautiful things together!


oh sweet Ivo! That letter is priceless.

Mom Unplugged

You must keep a copy of that letter, how cute!

You are so creative. Your little "business cards are wonderful and I really like the idea of recycling all that artwork that accumulates into something else, like your note cards.

Pure genius!! Thanks for sharing some ideas!


Great Grandpa received Ivo's hand made card yesterday--he LOVED it. He's been showing it to everyone who stops by! That's Great Grandpa with the "two G's"--((he thought that was so clever of Ivo!)

Thanks Ivo and to you for making him smile!

Love, Hugs, and Send A Note Kisses for Ivo~



I have been meaning to tell you that Joni Mitchell's Blue CD is one of my all-time favorites!

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