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October 17, 2007



Your answers bring back memories.......I especially liked your quote from The Wind In the Willows. With your family background, it's more than appropriate!

I was also glad that you didn't pick Marchpane (she was so very mean) or Birdie Plantagenet for the answer to number 8----poor Birdie....we always used to cry at that part!

I love that Ivo has access to so many books. I am bringing him a special old one when I come to visit!

Love, Hugs, and Wind in the "Willies" kisses for Ivo~



I love the wind and the willows quote, it may have to make its way into our trip journal.


This is going to take some thought! What fun! I love your idea for the bookstore- you'd have to have a separate area for eating. :o)


Be Here Now - Great choice!


I love the deliciousness of all those scattered books!:) Happy reading!


What a neat blog tag! I know you didn't tag me but I am going to do this on my blog and tag some of my own readers. :-)

Mary Beth

I just love your fantasy book store. I want to go there on a rainy day and hang out.

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