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September 11, 2007



Yum-Yum......everything (except the venison!) sounds so good! I am glad you had a wonderful time--I'll bet Ivo loved it!

Maybe we can have a wild dish or two when we come to visit this fall..........or maybe just a wild time with a great pizza!!!!

Love, Hugs, and Wild Rice Kisses for my Ivo~



I'm glad your wild weekend was a big success- did you feel all the Betty Crocker vibes? :o) And how cool that Ivo is already learning where food really comes from, instead fo just the store!


Glad to hear it went well. The food sounds yummy. I'm impressed that you cooked for so many people.

 Kate NJ

Glad to hear it went well, bummed you forgot your camera!;-)


Amanda ~ this is an awesome idea! I love it & may have to incorporate one of these for my kids! :)

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