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September 18, 2007



Please come to decorate my house!!! Your Fall Nature Table is so pretty--and I LOVE the little fairy dolls!

This is a wonderful time of year, except that it brings winter, which is beautiful--but sometimes seems long and cold now that I am older!

The turkey pot pie sounds delicious. I have a turkey breast in the freezer--I think I will get it out for this weekend! YUM!

I can't wait to see you all--I will be bringing the large southern pine cones for Ivo's Christmas projects!

Love, Hugs, and Little Pumpkin Kisses for Ivo~



The table is beautiful and inspiring. Autumn has been touching here in bits and pieces. Have a wonderful party.


I love your fall table! I haven't seen any pumpkins or Indian corn out yet, and I can't wait. I tried to do a seasonal table earlier this year, but I could stop CJ from grabbing the stuff off the table- it was just too tempting. Can't wait to hear about the fall art party- that sounds like so much fun!


I love your table! We just made our very first nature table at the beginning of September and I put a pic of it up on our blog a few days ago. I love how organic and free all the nature tables I see on blogs look- I need to work on loosening ours up I think. :-)


thanks to Jess for bringing me to your blog. I started my own nature table, I just wish it were bigger but we're working on it!

 Kate NJ

How lovely! I love fall!

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