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September 06, 2007



Wish I could be there to help--the music playlist sounds great!! It will be a happy and productive kitchen, I'm sure.

I'll get my Betty Crocker vibes going for you and keep my fingers crossed for good weather for the entire weekend!

Can't wait to hear all about the event when you return!

Love, Hugs, and 16 Pounds of Butter Kisses for Ivo~



The festival sounds like it will be so much fun! I've never bought that much eggs or butter before- I'll bet that was lots of fun too! I think I'd be a bit nervous too, so I'm sending you some Betty Crocker vibes as I type. I'll bet you did great!

 Kate NJ

I'll send you a couple of "Julia Childs" as well....lol. I hope all goes well and love your playlist!


good luck, amanda! have a wonderful time. before having children, i did lots of catering and cafe work, and agree, there's something really satisfying about working in a team and baking in bulk!
i only wish I had an employer with taste in music like yours :)


oh, so fun; I so wanted to go to this festival! I love the Forager's Harvest, and have been so grateful to have such a good resource. I am always looking up, trying to find butternut trees, and I have so many other wild foods I'd like to ask about.
Sorry to be so gushy; you don't know me but I love your blog, (I found it through some other blog some time ago) and art parties for little ones and such.

this is just the kind of stuff I love to do with my own little ones; thanks for the great ideas
libby jane

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