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August 02, 2007



I'd say it's a milestone! You can clearly see that it says "Ivo". It is an unusual name- I've always wondered about its origin, so I'm glad you shared that. And as you said, SO much better than something longer! I love it when kids just pick things up like Ivo did and just DO them- that's just great.


Well now! I've been mispronouncing his name all this time. I thought it was EYE-vo. EE-vo is equally lovely though.
And huge congratulations on writing his own name! That's wonderful!


Yeah Ivo! (and your lucky to have such a great name too!)

Kate in NJ

That is awesome!
I love his name by the way, it really does suit him too.


Please tell Ivo that I am so proud of him! We are looking forward to Ivo and Lily playing together again. At this rate, they could become pen pals. :)


My baby grandboy can write his name already????? Time certainly flies by.

It must have been neat to find that little bit of writing on the corner of the page!!!

Love, Hugs, and Write Your Own Name Kisses for Ivo~


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