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August 16, 2007



Yum is right! I will look for that brand of soup and give it a try! Your presentation looks very inviting with the cheese and apples cut so neatly--a real Martha Stewart coup!

Love, Hugs, and Souper-Douper Kisses for Ivo-



What a lovely supper. I tend to forget about soup when it gets hot, as if we're eating outside or something! We're going to do this one soon. BTW, we made our second batch of your peanut ramen noodle recipe last night, and we had to make a double batch!

 Kate NJ

Looks great...cake from the freezer...Mmmmm

Mary Beth

That's delightful.

Mary Beth

That's delightful.

catherine schwartz

That is one of my favorite soups!! Soooo good and defintely tasty enough to be its own meal...

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