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July 24, 2007



We have the very same eeBoo cards in CJ's learning room, and the ABC cards in her bedroom. I love the branch with the birds on it- how did you attach it to the wall? What a great idea that was! How wonderful that giving Ivo the freedom to be himself while you can- I'm sure he's flourishing because of it.


what a lovely space. My boy would love to hang out in your bird corner- he has a "bird thing" too.


What a peaceful space, I love the use of the branch.

Kate in NJ

How lovely and peaceful!
My little Princess is a night owl
with a full size bed as well.


Another wonderful post--I wish I had your talent for putting down in words the most important reasons for striving toward living a simple and meaningful life.

Ivo's room is just another way of nurturing his creativity, while providing the stimulus, the encouragement and a "loving place" to try new things.

Keep on posting because as any honest parent will tell you, "the child becomes the teacher" and I learn so much from you.

Love, hugs, and cozy corner kisses for Ivo~


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