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June 27, 2007



Be sure Ivo brings his "helper" apron to Nana's house--I might want some yummy biscuits, too!

I am sure looking forward to having a good helper in the kitchen. I know that together we can whip up a GREAT batch of homemade "cheesey potatoes" and some "Stars and Stripes Jello!" for the Fourth of July--not to mention s'mores, Belgian waffles, Traverse City Dried Cherry Salad, etc.

I can't wait!

Love, Hugs, and Hot Biscuit Kisses for Ivo~


How wonderful that Ivo is such a good kitchen helper! What a sense of accomplishment! I like the way you divided the post up into what you did and what Ivo did too- that's helpful to someone like me that hasn't involved their child in cooking. The low table you have in the kitchen is perfect for Ivo to help on- we don't have anything like that, and now you've got my wheels turning...


We all have to cook. It is essential to have good recipes and provide variety.

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