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November 22, 2006



Mandy--you TOTALLY SCORED on the vintage Fisher Price--you and your sister used to have that plane and the garage thing--maybe the barn, too???....Anyway, we passed them all down to Uncle Leigh for his boys, and I sure wish we had kept them!! Anyway, you have them again and life is good!

Have a great trip to Door County, and I will talk to you on Sunday, I guess. Be safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Love and Hugs,


Little People! I was just bemoaning the lack of them yesterday. The new Little People just plain suck. Next time I'm in North America I'm gonna hit the thrift store ciruit and see what I can find.
You're so right about donations always turning into shopping trips... I don't think I've ever made a drop off without coming home with something new!!!

maya Charlton

oh wow, i just saw a little people dollshouse for sale here for $300! the same one i used to play with as a kid. you scored! enjoying your very creative blog...


Oh . . . my . . . goodness! What an amazing score! I bought a few Little People for my older DD on Ebay last year but they are so expensive!

Have fun in Door County, I'm so jealous :)


Oh my! I'm hyperventilating just looking at your thrifting score! Holy crap! The schoolhouse! The farm! The plane! The garage! AND the marina! Amazing. Well done you.

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